Local Fun

Louisville's Cuisine Scene

When I have a craving for big city cuisine, but can't make it to the big apple, I turn to the ever growing and ever changing landscape of Louisville's cuisine scene.  The number of options never ceases to amaze me!  To say we have a bunch of foodies living in Louisville is an understatement - and I proudly consider myself one of them.  While I have my long-time favorites (Lilly's, Jack Fry's, and Corbett's to name a few), I love that wherever you go in the city, you will stumble on a new food discovery.  One I am eager to try is the newest food truck.  These have been popping up all over the U.S. and I am glad Louisville is one of the smaller cities picking up on this trend.  I recently read a review of one of the newer trucks cruising downtown called "Let's Eat" and it piqued my interest.  The owner of this one is a student of our own Sullivan University cooking school and his specialty is a Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi.  The bread is similar to a French baguette with lots of fixin's in the middle.  The review I read described one selection including shrimp layered onto fresh French bread with cool cilantro, crunchy carrot and daikon slaw, spicy jalepenos, and creamy mayo sauce.  Yum!


Louisville Parks

Louisville has many little known secrets and gems that make our great city what it is.  Parks 1One of the greatest gems of our city is the amazing parks system we have here, thanks to Frederick Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture and master designer of nearly 20 of the parks in Louisville. Today, the Olmsted Conservancy works to protect these parks and has secured over $25 million from generous corporate and individual donors to support the parks.  The result of this emphasis on our parks is an abundance of natural landscape that thousands of people enjoy every day for exercise, family retreats, and education.  Fall treesOn any given sunny Saturday walking through these parks, I am amazed at the bustle of activity going on from: soccer and ultimate Frisbee, to outdoor acting and art classes to biking and running clubs making use of the paved roads and trails that weave through the parks.  

Every fall, Friends of the Park gather for one of Louisville's biggest fundraisers and parties - the Boo La La Halloween Ball.  It is definitely the place to see and be seen and the event raises money to support the continued preservation of our parks.  http://www.olmstedparks.org/


Welcome Fall


While I am originally from Texas, I have loved living in a part of the country where we get four distinct seasons.  And fall may be my favorite, particurly in Louisville.  After a hot and humid summer, there is nothing better than welcoming the changing leaves, cooler weather, the start of school and Halloween. Pumpkins at Huber's

Fall is also the time when a lot of people are moving because it makes for an easier transaction with young kids in school.  If you are new to Louisville, there are lots of great ways to enjoy autumn and become familiar with this great city.

Farmers Market

My kiddos are older now, but one of our cherished family activities for fall has always been a visit to the local pumpkin patch.  We have a few good ones nearby that are worth the visit.  Huber's is just up the road in Indiana where there is plenty to entertain the family - from hay rides and a petting zoo to the family-friendly restaurant and even wine tastings for the grown-ups.  http://www.joehubers.com/

And our local zoo is a trip my whole family has always enjoyed.  There are constantly new exhibits to see with lots of other activities besides animal watching.  Halloween FunThe Louisville Zoo's annual Halloween party starts October 5th and is a great chance to mingle with creatures of all shapes and sizes.  This Halloween party is more fun than scary (in case you have little ones).