Louisville Neighborhood

Waterfront Condo in Horticulture Magazine

Louisville's Waterfront Park Place Development was recently included in the Horticulture Magazine.  Check out this fabulous article regarding the property and it's beautiful rooftop garden. 


Germantown's Best Popcorn?

Louisville's Best Popcorn?

Am listening to the football playoffs and talking to friends.  All of a sudden I have a craving for some great popcorn.  Am told the best is at Eiderdown's Food & Drink in  Louisville's Germantown Neighborhood.  Has anyone ever had popcorn there?  It is supposed to be popped in duck fat!  Let me know if you have tried it and what it was like.  Seems like a great day to sit on the couch and root for your favorite team!  Oh, and a hot bowl of popcorn would make it just perfect with the right mix of friends!  Hope your team wins.  Have a great week Louisville!