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How the Internet and Social Networks are Transforming Real Estate

 When I started selling real estate, no one had ever mentioned something called a blog.  And being the low-tech person I was at the time, it was something I never dreamed of doing as part of my real estate business.  

Today, more than 17 years later, here I am.  Blogging.

The explosion of the Internet- Facebook, blogging, tweeting- is just amazing.  I never dreamed we would be reaching out to potential buyers through these mediums.

'Did you see that new home listing on Twitter?' Now there's a sentence I never imagined saying.

But as our world grows and grows through technology, it has become more and more important to be part of these new mediums.  So here I am- doing a big cannonball jump right into the middle of it all.

The great thing about blogging will be getting the chance to tell you more about the things I love- like the beautiful community of Anchorage where I've raised my children.  Oh, how I love it here.  There are so many hidden gems in this community.  I want you to know more about it all.

And things like the wonderful staff I've put together to help provide our clients with a 'personal' approach to buying a home.  I truly believe we provide a service that's unlike any other.  We strive to meet your every need on the most personable level.  We believe that's critical in buying or selling a home.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me, Anchorage, my staff and this crazy business of real estate.  

And I hope you'll let me know what you think.