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Louisville's Cuisine Scene

When I have a craving for big city cuisine, but can't make it to the big apple, I turn to the ever growing and ever changing landscape of Louisville's cuisine scene.  The number of options never ceases to amaze me!  To say we have a bunch of foodies living in Louisville is an understatement - and I proudly consider myself one of them.  While I have my long-time favorites (Lilly's, Jack Fry's, and Corbett's to name a few), I love that wherever you go in the city, you will stumble on a new food discovery.  One I am eager to try is the newest food truck.  These have been popping up all over the U.S. and I am glad Louisville is one of the smaller cities picking up on this trend.  I recently read a review of one of the newer trucks cruising downtown called "Let's Eat" and it piqued my interest.  The owner of this one is a student of our own Sullivan University cooking school and his specialty is a Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi.  The bread is similar to a French baguette with lots of fixin's in the middle.  The review I read described one selection including shrimp layered onto fresh French bread with cool cilantro, crunchy carrot and daikon slaw, spicy jalepenos, and creamy mayo sauce.  Yum!