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Design Trends for 2016

With the new year almost to it's mid-point, a change in the weather triggers a desire to want to make some improvements around the home. Whatever an individual's taste in design and decor may be, there's something out there trending that is sure to fit your style. Or maybe there's been a longing to change up the kitchen or a bathroom, and your just not sure where to start. Here are some design trends for 2016 that are sure to suit a particular style or preference.

credit for article: Huffington Post

written by: Gillian Lazanik, Houzz Contributor


Get Ready for the Ohio River Toll Passes and Vehicle Classifications

It's been said Louisville is a small city with a big city feel. As the city continues to grow, the use of the toll bridge is just around the corner. Here is some shared information on the upcoming toll bridge that would certaily make Louisville a place to start a search for a home and an ideal place to live.