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Information the Biggest Factor to Weathering the Real Estate Recession

Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary recently wrote a great article about how the cardinal rule of real estate has changed from "location, location location" to "information, information, information."

Reviewing a recent book by Illice Glink about the changing world of real estate, Singletary offers the following quote from Glinks' book:
“For decades, the real estate industry has operated under the principle that the less information buyers and sellers have, the better it is for agents, lenders, title companies, and all the other folks who eat from the trough."
Singletary then goes on to explain, "I'm sure that many real estate professionals will take exception to Glink's observation. But the evidence is on her side. The housing market collapsed because far too many borrowers were uninformed, ill-prepared and overly optimistic about potential gain because of bad information they received and gladly embraced."

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